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In March, Beth was included in a piece at the Philadelphia Gay News about The Victory Fund.

“I can’t emphasize my support enough, and am glad things have changed for the Human Relations Commission, although dealing with Harrisburg is another matter,” she said. “Look, I was a prosecutor for nearly 22 years. When you see people victimized due to sexual orientation and gender identification, it’s upsetting.”

Grossman knows that if she wins her judgeship for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, at-Large, that she won’t get to pick her jurisdiction. But if she has her druthers, she would choose juvenile court.

“I think one of the most vulnerable populations is LGBTQ youth because they face issues of homelessness and are subject to trafficking. There is so much trauma and need in those courtrooms.”

You can read the full piece by A.D. Amorosi here.

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